How to play Top of the Spots

Pick the song you think is going to be listened to most.

Top of the Spots is a game about Spotify songs, and what is listened to most. The goal of the game is to guess which song has the most listens.

Be careful not to pick your your favourite song! You might wish it was more popular, but that’s not how you get a high score ;)

If you’re finding the game difficult…

Have you ever wondered how to get good at Top of the Spots? It couldn’t be simpler, you just need to be down with what is hot right now.

But what if you aren’t down with what’s hot? Well, maybe this advice might help you out.

The data we use in Top of the Spots is from Spotify. You have to remember that not everyone uses Spotify. It is mostly used by a younger audience.

What do young people mostly listen to? New music!

New songs are more popular

With that in mind, you have to resist the urge to pick the song you like. Instead, you have to pick the song you think is going to be listened to most. That’s the game!

Think about what the world is listening to. Sometimes the newer the song, the more likely it is going to be more popular.

Play Top of the Spots

Now take what you’ve learnt, and go and beat your high score!